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Qatar World Cup: Coopers Fire’s top tips for fire safety

April 27, 2017
Qatar Fire Safety

Over the next five years, the landscape of Qatar is expected to change dramatically, due to their successful bid to host the 21st FIFA World Cup Tournament in 2022. But, with fire safety still a problem in the Middle East, we investigate how the design process can mitigate these risks.

With little time to go – construction is well underway, in the shape of five new stadiums designed by prestigious architects from all over the world. Along with this, considerable investment in transport and tourist entertainments including a new $15 billion QIRP rail development, a new port and ‘Mega Mall’ in the capital of Doha are all underway. From now until then, the development of this new infrastructure will transform the country into a whirlwind of dust and hard hats, under the intense heat of Qatar’s climate – which can reach up to 50 degrees.

This heat, together with the urgency to complete projects timely and efficiently, will undoubtedly put a strain on the safety element of construction, particularly fire safety. With Qatar and neighbouring Dubai both at high risk from fire outbreaks historically – protecting the infrastructure in Qatar is paramount in ensuring the safety of these buildings during construction, the World Cup and beyond.

Protecting different buildings in the event of a fire

Due to the nature of football stadiums and large capacity buildings currently in construction unlikely to install non-load bearing walls – in order to maximise space available, in the event of a fire the spread could be significant.

Knowing this, in order to fully protect the public and Qatar’s new infrastructure against the perils of fire damage, whilst maintaining an open and appealing environment for what is sure to be a very crowded area during the Qatar World Cup – the need for a discreet, yet effective protective solution has never been more important.

Fire and smoke curtains in Qatar

Fire and smoke curtains can protect buildings such as large football stadiums and travel centres, due to their discrete nature and flexibility to work alongside modern designs, whilst not compromising on safety. They provide a hidden, safe and reliable alternative to traditional methods of fire safety such as fire doors, fire rated glazing, lobbies, sprinklers and non-loadbearing walls. This enables designers to utilise open-plan areas during the construction phases that are compliant with fire safety regulations.

They provide a barrier and establish a safe, secure evacuation route by deploying from the ceiling, enclosing and separating previously open areas. Fire and smoke curtains are positioned and installed so as not to affect the overall building design – particularly useful for open plan kitchen areas and food courts.

How do fire and smoke curtains work?

Once installed, the curtains remain hidden until the first signs of a fire. If needed, they will automatically deploy, shielding the rest of the building from the spread of the fire and smoke and protecting people in the vicinity, providing them with a clear evacuation route.

The curtains themselves are made from high quality, E-glass woven fibres to create a fabric material that is highly robust, flexible and fire retardant – protecting against blazes for up to four hours.

At Coopers Fire, we are committed to providing and implementing the very latest in advancing fire technology – so much so that our safety standards have become recognised as a benchmark for fire safety standard inspectors.

Coopers Fire and Qatar distributors

Coopers Fire are a specialised, dedicated manufacturer and trained installer of fire and smoke curtains and barriers not just in England, but across the world. Working closely with our Qatar based distributors, we are proud to have installed fire and smoke curtains in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings, including the Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City and the Leabaib Health Centre. Both these projects involved a great degree of care and planning, something which our extensive experience and knowledge helped significantly, reflecting the degree of trust bestowed in order to achieve the highest level of fire safety and protection.

Our distributors of fire curtains and smoke curtains in Qatar are based in Doha, you can contact them here.

Contact Coopers Fire

For an unparalleled service, safety and expert industry experience, Coopers Fire are perfectly placed to assist your fire safety design and ensure that your building is compliant with UL and BS EN standards. No two installations are the same, therefore our bespoke fire curtains and smoke curtains continue to provide a result with both fire safety assurance and no design compromise, with detailed CAD drawings supplied with all quotes.

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