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Industrial Fire Curtain Manufacturer: Leading UK Fire Safety

November 24, 2017
Industrial Fire Curtain Manufacturer

Coopers Fire has been the leading industrial fire curtains manufacturer since 1983. We’ve used our decades of experience to develop new fire protection technologies, making the world’s largest, most beautiful and most complex buildings safer places to be. Our mission is always to protect and save lives – but in order to become an industry leader, we pushed to promote awareness of fire protection and how important it is. We’re still spreading our message, at home and around the world.

Built in the UK, Made for the World

Every component is manufactured by us at our UK-based manufacturing facilities. All of our products are assembled to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. From the weave in our fire and smoke curtain fabrics, to the components in our motors – every single component, chemical coating and control system is built in the United Kingdom by Coopers Fire technicians.

We build at home to ensure our products are consistently made to the absolute highest quality possible. Our exacting standards and ongoing research have given us international recognition: Coopers fire curtains and smoke curtains have been specified in some of the most recognised buildings in the world, by leading architects, engineers and fire safety professionals.

Leading by Example

Our expertise doesn’t just end at the limits of our own organisation. We train and educate engineers and installation technicians, with comprehensive courses in fire curtain and smoke curtain installation. We’re committed to driving fire safety standards up across the industry. To do that, we’ve got to share our knowledge.

We are the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer to be regulated and approved by the IFCC – an independent third party certification body. Our courses give installers and engineers solid technical knowledge and hands-on, practical experience, awarding a certificate of competence on completion.

We hope that by improving our knowledge, sharing what we know and constantly innovating, we can save lives and livelihoods in more buildings, in more parts of the world.

Our Innovations

Since the 1970s, when Andrew Cooper was first challenged by a leading architect to find a way of controlling smoke, we’ve been inventing new ways to make buildings safer. Coopers Fire was born of those early innovations, and has since developed fabrics, chemical coatings and mechanisms that protect buildings and their inhabitants from fire and smoke.

Our custom designs can be retroactively fitted to complex and intricate structures, protecting the architectural beauty of even the oldest buildings. In new buildings, the limitless capabilities of our designs allow architects to push their craft as far as they want and still meet fire safety regulation.

Coopers Fire Industrial Fire Curtains

Expertise in fire curtain installation has led Coopers Fire to become the UK’s leading industrial fire curtain manufacturer. For more information on our non-intrusive, life-saving fire and smoke curtains, or our educational training courses, call us on 02392 454 405 or email

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