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In The Event of a Fire: Creating an Escape Plan

April 23, 2019
Creating a fire escape plan

Every household should have an escape plan in place, just incase. Although we all hope we will never have to use it, it is important to be prepared and know what to do in the event of a fire.

We’ve created this short guide to creating an escape plan, covering what you need to include and be aware of when forming a plan for you and your family.

Plan Together

In order to make your escape plan effective, it is crucial to plan together as a family to ensure everyone is aware of the procedure you plan to take. If children or elderly people live in your household, special considerations may need to be made.

What To Include

1. Know your route and exits

Make sure doorways and corridors are kept clear, having to navigate a cluttered landing can waste crucial seconds in the event of a fire.

2. Make everyone aware of the plan itself

Although we’ve mentioned it before, this is such a crucial part to escaping a fire in a limited amount of time. If everyone is in the know, there is much less panic involved.

3. Decide on an escape room

We can never predict exactly where a fire may start, and how far it may spread. This factor can depend on not only your home, but the situation at hand, although it is important to consider having an escape room that is the best room in the house to survive in. This room should have a door you can close and a large enough window to climb out of. If possible, this room should be at the front of the house for maximum visibility to firefighters and have a landing space to lower yourself onto.

4. Practice

Practicing together can make everyone feel more comfortable in executing your escape plan. This is an important factor, especially if a fire were to strike in the middle of the night. Be sure to take care of children and older people who may face problems getting around quickly.

5. Choose a safe space

When creating your fire escape plan, be sure to choose an outside meeting place. This could be a neighbour’s home, a lamp post, mailbox or even a road sign nearby. Be sure to mark this location on your escape plan.

Planning Ahead

At Coopers Fire, we’re always developing life-saving products that are non-intrusive. For more information on our fire protection options, or our educational training courses, call us on 02392 454 405 or email

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