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Fire Safety in the Workplace

December 18, 2014
Fire Fighting Equipment

Official statistics from the British government show that average fire accident numbers are decreasing year on year, although fires in the UK still exceeded 192,000 cases in 2013.

These data are based on a combination of both domestic and commercial buildings, where fire safety measures can differ.

In a commercial environment, typical fire safety precautions such as smoke detectors and water sprinklers are not too dissimilar from those found at home, but these alone can only minimise fire damage and often struggle to prevent the spread of fire and smoke inside a burning building.

Fire safety is of course not something that should be overlooked, and additional measures of protection should be adopted where possible. Advanced fire protection technology such as fire curtains and smoke barriers are particularly effective against threat of fire and fire damage, and pose a number of practical and aesthetic benefits for architects and manufacturing firms.

Benefits of fire and smoke barriers

Fire curtains and smoke barriers are designed to prevent the spread of fire and hot smoke in offices, retail outlets, skyscrapers or even residential buildings.

These advanced fire protection systems allow architects to design and create buildings without being restricted by fire regulations, enabling full safety compliance without sacrificing aesthetic quality.

Fire curtains and smoke barriers have a typically discreet profile, and if considered during the design-phase of a building they can be incorporated into the design of the building’s infrastructure.

Advantages of Fire & Smoke Barriers

Smoke management systems are of paramount importance for modern-day buildings, particularly high-rise and urban architecture. Typical advantages include:

  • Prevent the spread of hot smoke
  • Subtle profile
  • Automatic procedure
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard

We all appreciate the importance of safety in the workplace, and most would agree that fire safety is of paramount importance for any business of any size.

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