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Fire Safety Training with CPD Courses

October 6, 2017

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is all about growth and building on expertise. Development doesn’t always have to be formal; personal development helps people to grow as professionals too. With Coopers Fire CPD courses, it’s all about imparting knowledge to attendees about fire safety through training on the application and standards of fire and/or smoke curtains.

While it’s true that every ounce of personal experience counts, when it comes to fire safety, a formal and structured learning environment is the only way to ensure standards are kept high. Education and prevention mean that we don’t have to learn fire safety through experience. Having everyone from architects to firefighters on the same page makes for safer buildings, simpler regulations and greater safety for emergency services staff.

Our fire safety training CPD seminars are a foundation on which professionals can build specific knowledge of fire curtain and smoke curtain application: how to use them, where to use them and how to maintain architectural design.

Learning the complex relationship between fire, smoke and large interior spaces is just one aspect of fire safety. Understanding how to control and mitigate the effects of fire, as well as managing crowds in an emergency, are vitally important skills for engineers, architects and emergency services to have.

CPD Courses with Coopers Fire

CPD Seminar Fire Safety

We’re proud to be the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer approved by RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects) to provide CPD educational seminars. Our work in challenging spaces has given us a treasure trove of insight and understanding in fire curtain and smoke curtain installation.

This wealth of experience in non-invasive fire and smoke protection has given Coopers a chance to teach. Our seminars give engineers, architects and the emergency services specific knowledge about fire safety in architecturally complex spaces, and large open-plan interiors.

Active Smoke Barriers

The Active Smoke Curtain CPD Seminar covers the integral role that active smoke barriers play when installed within the build environment. The seminar comprehensively covers the application of smoke curtains and their integration with Smoke, Heat, Exhaust and Ventilation (SHEVS) systems. This course gives designers a better understanding of regulatory requirements for fire safety.

Fire Curtain Barrier Assemblies: Non-Invasive Fire Protection

The Fire Curtain Barrier Assemblies Seminar gives architects, building control bodies and fire and rescue staff valuable knowledge on non-invasive fire protection. This hour-long seminar details where fire curtains can be specified in a build, and covers everything from compartmentation, to protecting a means of escape.

BS 8524 Part 1 and 2: The Only Global Standard for Active Fire Curtain Barriers

This educational seminar has been written to introduce architects, governing bodies and fire and rescue staff to BS 8524 (parts 1 and 2). Part 1 of the standard pertains to the products and part 2 is based on the application of the standard. The BS 8524 Part 1 and 2 Seminar is designed to outline the most important aspects of fire curtain product standards as well as the key applications – such as creating a protected means of escape.

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Book a CPD seminar with Coopers Fire – it’s the perfect setting for architects, engineers and the fire and rescue service. The best part? It’s free! For more information, call us on 02392 454 405 or email

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