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What are Fire Rated Curtains and Why are they so Important?

August 16, 2017
fire rated curtain

In the event of a fire, you may not consider a curtain to be an effective method of protection against loss of life and structural damage – but, on the contrary, a fire rated curtain is the perfect solution that can fit a bespoke design.

Modern Design and Compartmentation

Among inventions such as the internet, robots and mobile phones, the Twentieth Century has evidently blossomed in terms of the architectural and creative design of infrastructure, all over the world.

However, with progression there are always some negative aspects – for example, fire safety may not always be top of the priorities list for the architects and designers envisioning an exciting, innovative project. Therefore, the need to design a flexible, adaptive solution that can compromise between design and fire safety requirements prompted investment into fire rated materials and their effectiveness.

These modern designs are commonly open plan, invoking a communal, collaborative atmosphere and making the space feel and look bigger. But, when open plan design extends to kitchen and eating areas – the risk of a fire spreading from the cookers to the public areas is increased due to the lack of a fire barrier. To combat this, fire curtains are used to contain a blaze, through compartmentation.

A Solution to Meet Fire Safety Standards

Concealed in the ceiling, fire rated curtains are designed to deploy at the first sign of a fire. Fire rated curtains from Coopers Fire deploy through a specific mechanism called Total Gravity Fail Safe – which automatically triggers the decent and, through the extremely fire retardant treated material – woven from E-glass. This can protect and hold a blaze for up to four hours.

Furthermore, fire rated curtains from Coopers Fire are stringently tested to meet BS EN Standards and are installed and maintained by highly professional and experienced trained technicians.

How the Fire Rated Curtains are made, and how they Protect Against Fire

As opposed to fire shutters, the main benefits of fire curtains are their flexibility and overall ability to adapt to differing environments, whether it be a stairwell, lift, open plan kitchen area or evacuation route. These areas, in particular, are important to protect and through fire compartmentation they safeguard the integral structure of the building and the persons within them.

Coopers Fire – Contact Us

Coopers Fire provides world class standard fire and smoke curtains to buildings around the world, working with designers in the initial planning stages through to installation and maintenance. Coopers Fire can also retrofit our solutions to existing buildings; from listed buildings through to sports stadiums. We have a commitment to upholding safety standards and ensure all our products are highly effective.

To find out more about how Coopers Fire fire and smoke curtains can make your building compliant with BS EN standards – you can get in contact either on the phone or via email.

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