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FireMaster Concertina Fire Curtain: The Ultimate Solution

April 15, 2016
FireMaster Concertina

For architects today, with a marked rising popularity in large modern spaces, being able to ensure fire safety without having to compromise on open plan designs can be problematic, especially when protecting stairwells, escalator systems, and large corporate atriums. The Solution? A FireMaster Concertina Fire Curtain

The FireMaster® Concertina™ Fire Curtain

The FireMaster Concertina fire curtain, from Coopers Fire, has emerged as one such solution for contractors and architects alike. It is a uniquely folding vertical fire curtain barrier system that has been developed to provide a completely bespoke alternative to fixed non-loadbearing walls, partitions and fire shutters.

This particular fire curtain model is comprised of technologically advanced fire-resistant fabric encased in a compact steel housing. The fire curtain remains invisible, retracted and hidden in the ceiling until activated by an alarm or detector signal. It is at this point that they automatically descend safely to their operational position and act as a reliant and protective fire barrier.

The FireMaster Concertina is highly adaptive. It can be used as part of a comprehensive fire engineering solution in commercial and industrial applications, such as airports, shopping centres, offices and hotels or indeed wherever there is a vital requirement to maintain large, open areas.

The protection provided by the Concertina is the same as a steel fire shutter, but at a  fraction of the size and weight. Additionally, there is no need for columns, corner posts, side guides and intrusive ceiling interfaces which allow for more freedom in design. What the FireMaster Concertina offers is a completely revolutionary approach to fire safety and building design. It is an approach that, ultimately, in commercial properties, strives to maximise floor space and seamless design, whilst ensuring that fire safety measures are met.

A Bespoke Fire Curtain For All: The FireMaster Concertina

The Concertina installed at Google HQ

The Concertina installed at Google HQ

Each FireMaster Concertina system is manufactured on a bespoke basis for individual projects. It is available in closed shapes, such as squares and faceted circles, and is the first fire curtain that is available in a circular format without side guides and columns.

Ranges of ceiling interfaces are available, ensuring that the barrier is totally concealed in the ceiling, whilst still allowing access to service and maintenance. The unique patented SLAT™ (Self Levelling Access Trim) system can also be used with suspended ceilings.

The FireMaster Concertina system can be provided in any width, with a maximum drop of 8m. It, like all  Coopers Fire products, is tested to BS EN, AS and UL standards and is certified to PAS 121:2007, providing up to 240 minutes of integrity and 120 minutes of radiation resistance.

The Concertina systems also feature Coopers’ patented Total Gravity Fail-Safe (TGFS) system, which ensures the barriers are deployed by controlled descent upon initiation, or during any power or system failure.

FireMaster Concertina In Action: Oil Search, Sydney Australia

Oil Search Australia employed Coopers Fire to develop and manufacture a unique circular 18-sided Concertina system, see top featured image, to ensure that its office complied with stringent Building Code requirements, whilst permitting an imposing and more efficient office space.

In this case, a FireMaster Concertina system was designed and installed and now protects an open plan spiral staircase, providing a uniform look across all three levels, mirroring the spiral staircase opening.

L-shaped and four/sided configurations of the Concertina have also been installed into Selfridges, Google HQ, Facebook and Bovis Lend Lease in London, UK.

Coopers Fire: Advancing Fire Curtain Technology

Coopers Fire is dedicated to advancing fire and smoke barrier curtain technology and improving ways to safeguard life and property. This commitment to developing innovative products that are robustly tested and independently certified has meant that Coopers has become the benchmark used by Regulators, Architects, Engineers and other Fire Professionals worldwide.

With regular servicing and maintenance a legal mandatory requirement, Coopers Fire is the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer and installer to be regulated and approved by an Independent Third Party Certification body, the IFCC Installers Certification Scheme.

For further information on the FireMaster Concertina or any other Coopers fire or smoke curtain please visit


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