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Fire Curtains For Schools – Coopers Fire Recommendations

February 15, 2017
Fire Curtains For Schools

Why Fire Curtains are Essential For Schools

In many schools, open-plan spaces are central to their functioning. For example, sports halls, dining rooms, large classrooms and even larger music and drama areas. Unfortunately, to create these spaces it involves the removal of non-load bearing firewalls. This removal can prove dangerous as such features play a vital role in the fire strategy and compartmentation of a building. So, it can become very difficult to align such open plan designs with the current fire safety regulations that are in place…..Cue fire curtains:

Fire Curtains remain discreetly retracted in the ceiling, above door fittings, window fittings and around escape routes. When needed they are deployed by a building’s alarm system to retract to their safe position. This makes fire curtains the perfect solution for schools as they reinstall lost compartmentation characteristics to a building.

Types of Fire Curtains For Schools

Fire curtains come in many different sizes, styles, ability and with a whole range of extra features.

The most common types of fire curtains are outlined below. To view the complete range of our fire curtains for schools, visit our product pages.

Fire Curtain Styles

To accommodate all building layouts and architectural plans, our fire curtains come in a variety of designs to ensure fire protection is provided wherever needed:

Vertical Fire Curtains

Vertical fire curtains are the most flexible style. They are adept at protecting doors, stairwells, escalators, atria, large open spaces as well as providing suitable boundary protection.

At Coopers Fire we have developed the FireMaster Vertical fire curtain. This gives designers a modern alternative to non-load bearing firewalls, fire doors, fire rated glazing and sprinklers. The result is the creation of modern, open plan educational environments in schools.

Concertina Fire Curtains

Concertina fire curtains are of particular use. Especially in more modern school buildings where their layout can be less conventional.

Developed to fit all applications, every Concertina fire curtains is manufactured to fit L shapes, curves, squares, rectangles, trapezoid and multi-sided faceted circles. This makes this style of curtain the best fit for protecting stairwells, entrance areas and unusually shaped spaces. All of which can be common in schools and specialist teaching environments.

At Coopers, our commitment to advancing fire protection technology led our R&D team to develop the groundbreaking FireMaster Concertina.™ This is the world’s first self-supporting fire curtain, removing the need for visible columns and supports to achieve absolute open plan design.

Horizontal Fire Curtains

Horizontal fire curtains provide the means to replace fire shutters, non-loadbearing firewalls, fire rated ceilings and more traditional fire protection equipment. They enable designers to create airy open multi-storey ceiling voids, entrance halls and reception areas.

Our FireMaster NVS™ Horizontal fire curtain barrier operates with No Visible Support (NVS™). This means that our horizontal fire curtains also remain hidden until a time when needed. Wherein it will automatically deploy horizontally to compartmentalise a floor and limit fire and smoke migration.

These types are best suited to protecting stairwells, skylights, ceiling voids, atriums from the effects of fire and smoke.

Fire Curtain Features

Whether it is fire curtains that have been tested to UL or BS EN standards all Coopers Fire fire curtains are fully approved and durable. They can come with rating time protections that range from 30 to 240 minutes and with additional features that can include the following:

  • Emergency Access
  • Emergency Egress
  • High-Temperature Motors
  • Side Channels
  • Smoke Control
  • Bespoke fire curtains for schools

This high level of quality, flexibility and adaptability means that for your school, Coopers Fire can come up with the ideal fire curtain solution for you.

If our standard product page doesn’t include a fire curtain for you, please get in touch where we would be more than happy to discuss our bespoke fire curtain solutions with you.

Coopers Fire Recommendations for Fire Curtains for Schools

Listed below are our three top picks for the most adaptable fire curtains to cover the majority of potential fire hazards in schools:

FireMaster Concertina

The FireMaster Concertina is available as a “closed” system and is manufactured as bespoke for each project. This tailoring is necessary as it is available in a variety of closed shapes, such as squares and faceted circles, and can come in any width with a maximum drop of 8 meters. This allows the FireMaster Concertina fire curtain to be specially crafted to fit any stairwell to provide the ultimate fire curtain protecting for schools.

Click here to Discover the Firemaster Concertina.

Vii Fire

The Vii Fire fire curtain has been carefully developed to protect vertical applications. The Vii Fire fire curtain barrier can be installed into every standard school building and used to protect lifts, kitchens, serving hatches and counters, windows and doors, openings in walls, stairs and lobbies whilst also providing suitable boundary protection and cross corridor separation.Click here to discover the Vii Fire fire curtain.

Click here to discover the Vii Fire fire curtain.

FireMaster Plus

Fully compliant with BS 8524-1:2013, our FireMaster Plus fire curtains have been ergonomically developed to work with all building types, including all school facilities. The FireMaster Plus is also supplied with the Coopers Total Gravity Fail Safe (TGFS) system and features integrity and radiance protection, variable speed, controlled descent, limits radiation, smoke leakage, emergency egress and side channels. This makes them ideal for compartmentalising large open spaces in schools, such as dining areas, theatres and sports halls to control the spread of damage in the event of a fire

Click here to discover the FireMaster fire curtains.

Coopers Fire

Coopers Fire fire curtains for schools are the ultimate modern alternative to more traditional static compartmentation methods. They provide designers with the freedom to create open plan spaces without compromising fire safety. Which, in educational environments, is of the utmost importance.

At Coopers Fire, we are proud to see our fire curtains as life-cycle products and as such we consider the bigger picture. Coopers Fire fire curtain servicing and maintenance works to ensure that you get the most out of your fire curtain.

Please note that we are more than happy to provide all CAD drawings to help designers in a project’s design phase.

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If you want to further discuss how best to protect schools with fire curtains, please visit our fire curtains page or contact us directly.

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