Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains: Durable, Reliable and Effective

August 5, 2016
Fire Curtains

Why do you need Fire Curtains?

These days, whenever and wherever a new building is built – commercial or domestic – it has to comply with strict fire safety regulations. For designers, architects, contractors and builders, these regulations have the ability to throw a build into disarray if these aspects are not properly thought out. However, fire curtains, in these situations, provide the fix-all solution:

Open plan designs, in homes, offices and larger public spaces, are those most threatened by fire safety rules. This is because open plan builds remove non-loadbearing fire walls. It is these that act as a fire barrier due to their protective compartmentation capabilities.

Cue Fire Curtains…

They can be discreetly fitted and replace where non-loadbearing fire walls and doors, fire rated glazing, and sprinklers should be and as means of compartmenting and protecting any room or corridor, if required.

In turn, fire curtains help designers achieve modern, open plan environments that are in line with stringent fire regulations. This makes fire curtains both discreet and unobtrusive, whilst also enabling completely fire safe open spaces.

Durable Fire Curtains

Coopers Fire fire curtains boast exceptionally high standards of fire protection. They can withstand incredibly high temperatures for up to 240 minutes. This intense durability is a result of the material used to make these fire curtains:

Most fire protective fabrics are made from  E-glass. This allows both pliability and a variety of strengths to be achieved through weaving the glass fibre filaments in different patterns. This sort of basic fire resistant fabric can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C.

Alternatively, Coopers Fire fire curtains have a metal thread woven into this glass fibre fabric. This adds strength, resistance and increases the temperature resistance to up to 1000°C and more.

Additionally, different metals and different coatings can be used to offer a variety of additional properties. This adaptability allows Coopers Fire to offer fabrics that are both durable and custom-made. In turn, fire curtains can be built to suit a particular application or system.

Reliable Fire Curtains

Like cars, fire curtains also need servicing!

Fire curtain servicing should be undertaken by a qualified engineer at least once a year. However, here at Coopers Fire, we recommend bi-annual servicing, especially for larger commercial installations.

Periods of non-use can sometimes affect such products and so testing them every six months is best practice. This is because fire curtain servicing ensures that your fire curtains remain in complete working order by retaining its fire protective capabilities should a fire break out.

Fire curtain servicing and maintenance lies at our core: Your fire and smoke curtains are part of your building’s life support system. Consequently, our servicing packages make sure that they continue to protect your building and occupants from fire and smoke.

Whether you’re a retailer, facilities manager or a homeowner, ensuring that your fire curtains stay fully operationally is vital. It safeguards your visitors, occupants, and inhabitants – not to mention your business.

Servicing guarantees this: Regular fire curtain servicing is important as it assures the longevity of the curtain and that they remain fully functional and reliable in the event of a fire.

Coopers Fire is the UK’s only smoke and fire curtain manufacture that are approved by an Independent Third Party Accreditation to carry out the servicing of fire barrier systems, fire curtains, and smoke curtains.

Being the UK’s only Independent Third Party Accreditation for service carries with its several benefits:

  • A national team of Coopers Fire specially trained service engineers on-hand, 24/7.
  • We’re not here just to sell, we ensure our client’s fire curtains remain reliable, secure and operational.
  • All Coopers products are completely compliant with fire regulations and insurance requirements.

These benefits combined, guarantee that your fire curtain will not only perform in the event of a fire but that it will also last. We see fire curtains as life-cycle products and as such we consider the bigger picture.

Effective Fire Curtains

At Coopers Fire, our commitment and dedication to advancing fire fabric technology has led our engineers to set the high standards that fire experts have come to expect and architects rely upon to help their designs meet fire regulations.

While standard fire curtains hold back flames, there will still be heat transfer. Fire curtains that utilise insulating coatings and experiment with metal fibres can provide a thermal barrier. This allows people to evacuate from nearby areas. As a result, this breakthrough has greatly extended the possible applications for these barriers.

Coopers Fire fire curtains can be applied to any problem, the most popular uses of our curtain are:

Coopers Fire Fire Curtains

Whether it is fire curtains that have been tested to UL or BS EN standards, here at Coopers Fire we help architects to achieve modern open space design. By replacing traditional fire safety precautions with smoke and fire curtains, open plan environments can now be firmly in line with fire regulations.

We are happy to work with you to offer a current or bespoke product that results with no design compromise, whilst ensuring that your building complies with all fire safety codes necessary. We are also more than happy to provide CAD drawings of all of our products to help you in design phases.

If you are refurbishing an existing building or designing a new build, check out our recent case studies, including the iconic British Museum in London, our products pages or get in touch today.

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