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Fire curtain barriers in Dubai – a Coopers Fire case study

April 19, 2017
Fire barriers

As an area experiencing an increase in economic prosperity, over the past few years, Dubai – among other cities in the UAE – has enjoyed a rise in demand for jobs and living accommodation, and subsequently an elevated need for goods and services. This rise has put a strain on the existing infrastructure, leading to a boom in construction with an emphasis on completing builds quickly to ensure maximum productivity and profit. Unfortunately, this focus on profit over quality can sometimes highlighting slack fire safety and the need for three-hour fire barriers or fire curtains in many of Dubai’s buildings:

Weather, Construction and Fire Safety in Dubai

Due to its geographical location and climate, Dubai has long experienced issues with fire and temperature control, especially in large structures. Just recently, a fire broke out during the construction of a new building, located near the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building, which was also damaged by an inferno during New Year’s Eve of 2015.

Coopers Fire Dubai

The crux here is the danger to workers and those nearby, together with the potential loss of resource and investment. This makes fire safety a vital part of the construction process in Dubai and across the world. With strict safety guidelines in place, adhering to these, in the beginning, can mean the difference when it comes to saving lives, time and money. One simple way to ensure all fire safety rules are met, even in open spaces, is by installing Coopers Fire fire curtains.

Why Fire Barriers and Fire Curtains are Important

Despite careful precautions being taken to avoid the threat of fires starting and spreading through a building, sometimes fires, unfortunately, are unavoidable.

In these instances, to ensure lives, hard work and invested resources are protected, there are several measures that can be taken to avoid their loss. In addition to the mandatory safety equipment installed into new buildings, such as fire alarms and extinguishers, equipping your building with three-hour fire barriers and specially designed fire curtains that stop and contain the spread of fire can save lives and limit the structural damage. This is particularly important in high-rise buildings located in city centres and other areas of high density, just like Dubai.

At Coopers Fire, all our fire curtains are tested to BS EN and UL standards. They ensure that in the event of a fire:

  • A safe route of evacuation is established and maintained for up to three hours, by shielding an exit route from the source of flames and smoke.
  • The spread of fire is contained via durable, heat withstanding fibres woven from E-glass and fibreglass materials. It is these materials in fire curtains which protect persons inside along with the core building structure. Click here to read more about fire barriers and fire protective materials.

Additionally, this level of protection can be installed without compromising the design of the build and overall interior functionality. This is because Coopers Fire fire curtains can be bespoke designed to seamlessly and neatly blend into the structure.

With this protection extending long after the build has completed and in operation, should a fire break out under any circumstance, those at risk in the building will be safe in the knowledge that fire curtains will automatically deploy. Ultimately meaning that they will be positioned to stop the spread of the blaze and allow all individuals to evacuate safety.

Five Guys in Dubai Mall – A fire curtain case study

Coopers Fire Dubai

The addition of popular fast food chain Five Guys to Dubai’s popular Marina Mall called for a unique, non-invasive solution to enable the open plan design to proceed without breaching fire safety regulations.

Coopers Fire and their UAE distributors, Dosteen, worked closely with the contractor to design and implement a FireMaster open Concertina fire curtain, installed around the main counter to divide the kitchen and the dining area in the event of a fire.

As the modern alternative to firewalls, fire doors and glazing, the fire barrier did not obstruct the open plan design, as they were successfully installed into a compact headbox nestled in the ceiling, invisible until needed.

Together, with Dosteen and the contractors, Coopers Fire provided a winning solution to an urgent need, ensuring the fire curtain installation was project managed efficiently in order to be fully compliant with fire safety regulations – leading to a high-quality functioning product that could save lives. It is important that safety is not compromised in the face of design and at Coopers Fire, we always offer a solution that satisfies both.

Coopers Fire Fire Barriers in Dubai

Coopers Fire is pleased to be working towards better fire safety standards in Dubai along with our distributors mentioned above, Dosteen Doors. In addition to the installation of Concertina Fire curtains in Five Guys restaurant, Coopers Fire has been working on a number of additional Dubai-based projects including Dubai international airport, The Mall of Emirates and the Yas Mall, supplying, designing, implementing and testing. as Coopers Fire are independently third-party certified for product testing and installing fire curtains and smoke curtains. We look forward to furthering our collaboration with our distributors in providing bespoke solutions to unique architecture, ensuring worldwide fire safety standards are met and maintained across many more construction projects in the UAE.

Coopers Fire Dubai

We are also able to provide detailed CAD drawings of all our extensive products in order to assist design visualisation. To find out more, get in contact today.

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If you are concerned about installing and complying with fire safety regulations for either domestic or commercial use then contact Coopers Fire. Our team are more than happy to help and can be reached on +44 (0)2392 454 405, or emailed at

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