Fire Curtains

Domestic Fire Curtains

March 11, 2015

Fire curtain barriers have been protecting major commercial and public buildings for many years now. Indeed, many of the nation’s most iconic buildings, such as Buckingham Palace and the Royal Albert Hall, have fire barrier systems in place.

As the main objective of the fire curtain is to compartmentalise a blaze in a particular section of a building, it makes them ideal for public properties. Escape routes are protected, meaning that all of the people in the building have a safe form of egress from the property in times of emergency.

However, in recent times, a growing number of domestic new-builds are incorporating fire curtains into the overall design.

Compliance with Domestic Fire Regulations

As fire regulations continue to become more stringent, architects are coming under increasing pressure to ensure that the domestic properties they design will be safety-compliant.

With the desire for open-plan living spaces still strong amongst many home buyers, the need for extra fire protection becomes apparent. This is where the addition of fire curtains becomes so important.

Protecting the Open-Plan Living Environment

The creation of an open-plan living environment usually requires the elimination of non-load-bearing walls and sees fire doors and glazing become redundant. However, fire regulations clearly state that domestic properties must not only provide occupants with a clear and effective means of escape, but also, where required, provide a way of restricting a fire to a small area.

Fire curtains are an ideal way of complying with both of these safety requirements. The beauty of the fire curtain is that it remains hidden from view when not in use – usually in the ceiling. This means that householders can still have an aesthetically pleasing home and be safe in the knowledge that the property is protected from fire.

It is not just in complete new-builds that the fire curtain is being installed, either. Homeowners who are building extensions or renovating a certain area of their home are also being made aware of the benefits that a fire curtain can bring.

Whether you are demolishing a non-load-bearing wall, taking out a ceiling to create an atrium lobby or converting a loft, the installation of a fire curtain barrier in domestic properties is becoming an increasingly popular way of ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. It’s a simple and effective way of potentially saving lives.

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