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Fire Hazards In the Office

March 3, 2016
Fire Hazards

There are many potential fire hazards present in all offices, no matter how clean or well maintained they are. Understanding exactly what these are can help to minimise the risk and ultimately be the difference between life and death.

When a fire breaks out, it can have a substantial effect on a business, resulting in a loss of customers and potentially the closing down of the company. Consequently, it is vital that you employ the necessary measures. One such measure is the installation of safety devices such as fire curtains. Fire curtains significantly  limit the spread of fires and reduce the damage they cause. Identifying where the key risks are will help you to protect your business and employees as much as possible. Here we look at some of the most common hazards and how to make your office safer for all.

Electrical Supply And Its Accompanying Fire Hazards

Most offices require a large number of electrical appliances in order to function, such as computers, printers, lighting, monitors, phones and kitchen equipment, and each of these has its own wiring. Worn and damaged cables and especially those where the wiring inside is exposed, are potential fire risks. One single spark could easily start a blaze. You need to check any wiring regularly and repair or replace as necessary those that have started to show signs of wear as soon as possible.

Another danger around electricity is the overuse of extension cables and sockets which can easily overheat when too many appliances are plugged in. This can consequently start a fire. You should only use an extension lead if it’s really necessary and ensure that appliances are unplugged when they’re not needed to limit the risks.

Blocked Hallways Can Be Potential Fire Hazards

Offices can easily and quickly become full of paperwork and clutter if you’re not careful. This excess can spill out into hallways when there’s a lack of storage space available. It is essential that these areas and those around emergency exits and fire protection equipment, such as fire curtains, are kept completely clear to reduce the chance of a fire starting, to ensure that employees can evacuate quickly and safely when necessary and so that fire safety equipment can function correctly.

All Combustible Materials Are  Fire Hazards

In office environments, it will be necessary to have combustible materials on-site, including paper, furnishings, aerosols and adhesives etc. It is essential that these are used and disposed of correctly to prevent any fires being started accidentally. Rubbish and recycling bins should be emptied regularly to prevent items building up, and desks kept tidy to reduce the risks. Where flammable items, including aerosols or liquids, are required employees should understand the risks and use them well away from heat sources and other potentially flammable materials.

Fire curtains provide fire protection and can help you to overcome these ever-present fire hazards in the workplace. Whether it is fire curtains that have been tested to UL or BS EN standards, here at Coopers Fire we help designers to replace non-loadbearing fire walls and doors, fire doors, fire rated glazing, and sprinklers to achieve modern, open plan environments in line with stringent fire regulations. They not only are discreet and sleek but too offer very reliable protection between you and a fire. If you want to discuss your options further, please visit our

If you want to discuss your options further, please visit our fire curtains page or contact us directly.


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