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Commercial Fire Curtains Overseas

July 11, 2016
Coopers Fire commercial fire Curtains overseas

At Coopers Fire, we are wholly committed to advancing fire fabric technology in both smoke and commercial fire curtains overseas. This commitment has led our engineers to set very high standards.

Our high level of skill and expertise in the design and manufacture of domestic and commercial fire and smoke curtains has led to us being in high demand. This demand is not only on home soil in the UK but also in many overseas territories. A few examples include the Adidas Superstore in Paris, The iconic Gherkin in London, The Royal Albert Hall also in London and the Sydney Opera House, Australia.

This post aims to highlight in more detail a few areas where we work. In particular, the focus of this article will be in the Middle East.

Surprisingly, despite the current turbulence in this area, the countries of the Middle East have seen, and have predicted to continue to see, annual growth in GDP from 5%, in some cases, over 10%.

This growth in GDP often translates into investment in infrastructure. Such demands ensure that from the design stages, fire safety regulations are thoroughly considered and met. One way to meet these is through the installation of commercial fire curtains overseas. The importance of fire safety becomes even more critical when we take into consideration recent fire tragedies in the area.

Overseas Commercial Fire Curtains in the United Arab Emirates

Commercial Fire Curtains

Coopers Overseas: United Arab Emirates

Cooper’s Fire has been privileged enough to have worked on many fire safety projects in the UAE. Most notably the impressive Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. We installed a multi-functional commercial fire curtain overseas in Five Guys: The FireMaster Concertina. This product offers a simple yet effective way to offer compartmentation between areas like a kitchen and restaurant and act as a fire break.

This project is heralded as offering five-star fire protection. This in itself is an impressive feat as malls are notoriously complicated to protect due to their mixed purpose.

Cooper’s Fire has also proudly installed commercial smoke and fire curtains in the impressive Dubai International Airport. This was a huge project. The airport itself sees over 80 million passengers a year and is looking to expand in the next few years. Coopers Fire  has protected the entirety of Terminal 3 with commercial fire and smoke curtains.

Not only did our bespoke designs seamlessly match the ceilings and remained hidden from views until deployed,they are also able to provide up to four hours of protection against a fire. It is this that really can mean the difference between life and death.

Commercial Fire Curtains Overseas in Qatar

Commercial Fire Curtains

Coopers Overseas: Qatar

Rapid infrastructural expansion in Qatar promises a mammoth influx of both tourism and economy. Especially after the successful FIFA 2022 bid. However, such sudden growth brings with it great responsibility. With the World Cup now on the horizon, it is vital that fire standards are met and even excelled.

Commercial fire curtains offer many designers, contractors and builders the ultimate solution. They are easy to operate, reliable and discreet. At Coopers Fire we offer bespoke solutions to ensure that our fire or smoke curtains can be installed in any building.

We are extremely honoured to have been chosen to instal our commercial fire curtains in both the Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City and the Leabaib Health Centre.

We installed the FireMaster Vertical Fire Curtain and Coopers FireMaster Concertina in the medical city and health centre respectively. These provided both buildings with approved means of fire protection, whilst ensuring open plan designs were not compromised – this was crucial to the functionality of both builds.

Commercial Fire Curtains Overseas: The Only Solution For Your Business

Whether it is fire curtains that have been tested to UL or BS EN standards, we help designers replace non-loadbearing fire walls, fire doors, fire rated glazing and sprinklers to achieve modern, open plan environments that remain in line with stringent fire regulations. We have an extensive overseas product line that is designed to meet any building design – we are also happy and able to provide CAD drawings for all our products.

Don’t be concerned if you’re not near Coopers Fire HQ it doesn’t mean that you can’t have Cooper Fire protection as we have commercial fire curtains overseas distribution partners in each global region. Please visit our website or get in contact to learn more.

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