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CFOA UK Business Safety Week 2015

September 2, 2015
Business Safety Week 2015

The Chief Fire Officers’ Association will run its annual UK Business Safety Week from September 7th, 2015. With the goal of helping businesses, both large and small, reduce the risk of fire in their premises, the Business Safety Week will run until Sunday, September 13th.

The very first Business Safety Week was held in December 2014 and was deemed to be a great success. The CFOA encouraged as many UK fire and rescue services as possible to sign up to the campaign – something that it will be doing once again this year. The 2014 campaign focused on three key areas, which were risk management, fire risk assessments and the continuity of business.

Promoting Fire Risk Awareness

The central theme of UK Business Safety Week 2015 is the promotion of high-level fire risk awareness amongst all workplace employees. To help drum the message home, the main motto of this year’s campaign is Keep It Simple and Safe.

The CFOA are hoping to encourage employees to be more aware of the simple steps they, as individuals, can take to ensure that their workplace is a safer place to be in terms of potential outbreaks of fire.

These simple steps include being aware of alarm point locations, keeping fire exits and high-traffic areas clear of obstruction and using common sense when it comes to storing potentially flammable items. By doing so, there will hopefully never be the need for structural protection such as fire curtains to come into operation.

Preparing for the Busy Winter Season

The 2015 UK Business Safety Week has been brought forward to September, as this is the month when many firms across the country will begin to recruit temporary staff in readiness for the Christmas season.

Along with relevant job training, it is essential that all temporary staff are made fully aware of the fire safety procedures in place. This includes the location of all safety equipment such as alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems and fire curtains. In addition, staff must be fully conversant with evacuation plans.

By timing UK Business Safety Week to coincide with the start of seasonal staff recruitment, the CFOA is hoping to strike early in terms of fire safety awareness for new recruits. The campaign should also act as a solid reminder to permanent members of staff about the very real dangers posed by fire.

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