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Putting a Stop to Fire and Smoke Damage With Bespoke Design

September 4, 2017
Smoke Damage bespoke Modern Design

Most fires are avoidable and can be safely mitigated with appropriate preventative measures. While there are plenty of reasons to safeguard your building against the ignition of fires, stopping the spread of fire is just as important.

In the event of an unavoidable or unexpected fire, you will want to ensure that there is as little damage to infrastructure as possible, as well as protecting life. As an example, if you operate from a single premise, the destruction of this premise can have catastrophic consequences to your business.

In order to best protect your building against fire and smoke damage, a bespoke fire curtain design could be the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Protecting Infrastructure with Innovative Bespoke Design

The fire risks to each building are different, whether by infrastructure or because of the building’s purpose, meaning no one fire solution will fit all.

A bespoke fire curtain solution will ensure that you can protect your building without affecting your business operations and interior design. Below are some examples of where bespoke design is commonly used:

When an Open Plan Internal Environment needs to be facilitated

As it’s much harder to ensure an open plan design complies with fire safety legislation, it is easily one of the most popular reasons for a bespoke solution. With commercial offices, the fire safety design will tie in with the desired open space, supporting a welcoming, but fire safe environment.

Similarly, fire and smoke curtains can be installed into the ceiling of domestic houses so that non-loadbearing walls can be removed without harming the fire safety of the property.

In situations where Fire Doors and Additional Walls would have a Negative Impact on Design

Retail premises, particularly open malls, often require a bespoke design because fire doors would make the individual stores look less inviting and wouldn’t allow for clear promotional displays. Fire curtains that deploy only when activated give retail brands the freedom to open their stores up to the desired open plan design that will achieve maximum sales.

In manufacturing and industrial industries, it would be impractical and inefficient to compartmentalise the premises with additional walls and fire doors, especially where large machines and production lines are in use. Without bespoke compartmentalisation, however, if a fire did occur, the damage to machinery and operations is likely to be considerate, hence the need for a bespoke fire safety solution.

If your premise is close to Neighbouring Buildings

Fire boundary protection is normally installed to guard windows, preventing damage to neighbouring buildings in the event of a fire. Boundary protection is a great way to help safeguard your building, whether it’s your own building on fire or not.

If your premise makes use of Lifts, Escalators or Stairs

To control against fire and prevent the spread of smoke to other floors through lifts, you may need a bespoke design to ensure you meet with fire regulations, especially if your lift lobby is open plan. FireMaster fire curtains with smoke control can be used over individual lift doors or they can form virtual cost-effective lift lobbies.

Smoke in particular can spread rapidly between floors by channelling up stairs or escalator wells. In the event of a fire, bespoke smoke curtains if installed will automatically deploy in order to reduce fire and smoke damage through stairs or escalators.

Contact Coopers Fire for a Fire and Smoke Safety Solution Tailored to Your Building

Safeguard your building against significant fire and smoke damage with a seamless bespoke design that traditional fire safety methods cannot achieve.

Automatically deployed when activated, fire curtains and smoke curtains can protect people and infrastructure as soon as fire or smoke is detected.

Contact us for more information about a bespoke fire or smoke curtain solution using our UL or BS EN standard fire and smoke products.

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